I have a few hobbies.  After Aerobatics, I started a few that take me to places that I wish that I had time for when I was busy working for a living.

I have been flying and competing in Aerobatics since 1983.  I joined the Alberta Aerobatic Club soon after buying my first plane, C-GGCC, a 7ECA Citabria.

I have been doing the score computing since 1983, first using an Apple II and VisiCalc.  I even wrote the program to score the World Aerobatic Competition that was held at Red Deer in 1988.

I bought a Zenith Ch180 Super Acro Zenith in 1987 and flew it for 2 years.  It was a great airplane but a little too much for my level, and only one seat.  I also missed taking people for rides.

I sold it and bought a half share in my current plane, a Christen Eagle II in 1989.  I have been flying it for 30 years. 

I first got my License in 1995.  I passed both the Basic and Advanced, but never got my Morse Code.

I all but dropped the hobby for 20 years and picked it back up again in 2016. Things have sure changed. 
I belong to a local club, CARA, and have been volunteering and learning for an enjoyable 2 years.