I have a few hobbies.  After Aerobatics, I started a few that take me to places that I wish that I had time for when I was busy working for a living.

I have been flying and competing in Aerobatics since 1983.  I joined the Alberta Aerobatic Club soon after buying my first plane, C-GGCC, a 7ECA Citabria.

I have been doing the score computing since 1983, first using an Apple II and VisiCalc.  I even wrote the program to score the World Aerobatic Competition that was held at Red Deer in 1988.

I bought a Zenith Ch180 Super Acro Zenith in 1987 and flew it for 2 years.  It was a great airplane but a little too much for my level, and only one seat.  I also missed taking people for rides.

I sold it and bought a half share in my current plane, a Christen Eagle II in 1989.  I have been flying it for over 30 years. 

I first got my Certificate in 1995.  I passed both the Basic and Advanced, but never got my Morse Code.

I all but dropped the hobby for 20 years and picked it back up again in 2016. Things have sure changed. 
I belong to a local club, CARA, and have been volunteering and learning for an enjoyable 6 years.

I joined ProtoSpace in 2016 and have been exploring projects and tools ever since. 

In addition to giving me access to a couple of hundred like minded hobby experts, I also have access to all kinds of tools and equipment. This includes Laser Cutters, Wood shop, Metal shop, and 3D Printing lab. 
My most serious project is an Arduino based Aerobatic Flight Data Logger.  In summary, it is a little box small enough to fit in a shirt pocket that logs an aircraft flight, including GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro Accel, and Magnetometer, to an SD Card for later analysis.