Spencer AeroGeek

Why did I chose the name  Spencer AeroGeek?

Well, when I decided to create my own company, I wanted a name that includes enough to make it unique and represent who I am.

  • Spencer of course, represents my family name and all that I am proud of.  My heritage is from England in 1864, but that is another story.
  • Aero part represents my main hobby, Aviation and especially Aerobatics.
  • Geek is a catch all to describe that I love electronics, gadgets, and all things computers. I have spent a lifetime following this passion and have made a career out of IT and supporting my friends and my employers.

I left the confines of employment and am pleased to now be an Independent Consultant.

I can offer honest, trustworthy, expertise in delivering practical business focused solutions.

I am dedicated to providing excellent service in order to help implement innovative solutions, solve problems, attain operational efficiency, and overall business performance.

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